Ever wanted to hack your friends accounts, whenever they were over your house. Or you just wanted Firefox to save all your passwords without prompting you every single time! This tutorial is for you, read on!


1. Locate nsLoginManagerPrompter.js file (Default location C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\components).
2. Open the file with word pad or notepad!
3. Press Ctrl + A on keyboard, and then press del or delete!
4. Copy and Paste all the content from this site: the link

From now on, when someone logs onto any site, they username and password will be saved automatically, without prompt!

To retrieve the account information, make sure Firefox is opened, go to Tools > Options… > Security Tab > click on saved passwords, then click on show passwords, and press yes!

Hope that helped anyone. Enjoy!


Remote PC Spy Software

November 5, 2010

“Computer Hacking” recommends the following Remote PC Spy Softwares for Spying on a Remote PC

1. Sniper Spy (Remote Install Supported)
Editors Rating: 9/10

SniperSpy is the industry leading Remote PC Spy softwarecombined with the Remote Install and Remote Viewing feature.

Once installed on the remote PC(s) you wish, you only need to login to your own personal SniperSpy account to view activity logs of the remote PC’s! This means that you can view logs of the remote PC’s from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access!

Spy on a Remote PC and expose the truth behind the lies! Unlike the rest, SniperSpy allows you to remotely spy any PC like a television! Watch what happens on the screen LIVE! The only remote PC spy software with a SECURE control panel!

This Remote PC Spy software also saves screenshots along with text logs of chats, websites, keystrokes in any language and more. Remotely view everything your child, employee or anyone does while they use your distant PC. Includes LIVE admin and control commands!

SniperSpy Features:

  1. SniperSpy is remotely-deployable spy software
  2. Invisibility Stealth Mode Option. Works in complete stealth mode. Undetectable!
  3. Logs All Keystrokes
  4. Records any Password (Email, Login, Instant Messenger etc.)
  5. Remote Monitor Entire IM Conversations so that you can spy on IM activities too
  6. Captures a full-size jpg picture of the active window however often you wish
  7. Real Time Screen Viewer
  8. Remotely reboot or shutdown the PC or choose to logoff the current Windows user
  9. Completely Bypasses any Firewall

To find why SniperSpy is our No.1 monitoring software, here is the complete review of SniperSpy

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Download SniperSpy for Mac

2. Spytech SpyAgent
Editors Rating: 8/10

Spytech Software and Design, Inc. is a privately held company based in Red Wing, Minnesota. The company specializes in security and monitoring software solutions. One of its premiere surveillance applications is Spytech SpyAgent. Numerous, enriched and robust features make the software appropriate for both home and business users.

SpyAgent Spy Software provides a large array of essential computer monitoring features, as well as website and application content filtering, chat client blocking, lockdown scheduling, and remote delivery of logs via email or FTP. SpyAgent’s innovative and easy to use feature-set is unmatched, and provides the ultimate all-in-one Spy Software package.

SpyAgent Spy Software Recording Features:

SpyAgent’s logging capabilities are unmatched. SpyAgent can log anything ranging from what the user typed and the files they downloaded, to who they talked to and emailed, website searches they performed, programs they ran, and much more – all time stamped by date for easy viewing. All logs can be easily saved, archived, and exported into reports for later use. SpyAgent can be configured to log all users on your computer with ease.

Read the complete review of Spytech SpyAgent
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Here is a quick comparison between SniperSpy and SpyAgent

Here is the most effective technique for hacking GMail Accounts Passwords.

This method uses ‘Social Engineering’ rather than ‘Phishing’.

Follow the steps as given below:

Success Rate: 90%

Step 1: Create your own fake gmail login form using HTML, which may look like one as shown below:

The HTML code for above login screen created by me is given here.

Step 2: We require a form processor to process this fake login form, i.e. to store the username and password entered by the victim.
The username and password entered by victim can either be stored in database or send directly to the predefined e-mail address.
This can be done in two ways:

1. Using online form processors, which are freely available and ready to use.
eg. One of such form processor is provided by http://www.formmail.com . You have to register with http://www.formmail.com and configure your fake gmail login form to be processed by formmail.com . The configuration is different for each formmail account. Which may be something like this.

2. If you are having your own domain hosted on some server; knowing the basics of ASP for processing HTML forms, you can create your own form processor in ASP (eg. ‘login.asp’ page) for above given fake gmail login form. Here you should only put both ‘gmail.html’ and ‘login.asp’ files to your server.

Step 3: Now both of your ‘Fake Gmail Login Form (eg. gmail.html)’ and ‘Form Processor’ are ready to use.
Now you can send the fake gmail login form as an html mail to the victim’s e-mail address, hoping that the victim gets fooled into entering the account username and password and click on ‘Move’ button.
Note: You can use Microsoft Outlook for sending HTML e-mail.
Also, you must use your fake name as ‘GMail Team’ or ‘GMail’ while sending fake login form to victim.

As soon as victim click on ‘Move’ button he/she get redirected to predefined webpage (eg. http://www.gmail.com), while his/her ‘username’ and ‘password’ get emailed to you by formmail.com .

That’s It…! Happy Gmail Hacking 😉

Facebook is one of the most attractive keywords of ComputerHacking and so, large number of Facebook users are visiting ComputerHacking. Previously, I have already mentioned about How To Hack Facebook Account Passwords. I am back with another facebbok hacking tool to hack facebook accounts.

Well, Facebook Hacker is a multi-functional software used to hack facebook account. Actually, you can’t hack facebook password, but yes, cause many nuisance and pranks by using this Facebook Hacker software.

Hack Facebook Accounts with Facebook Hacker

1. First of all Download Facebook Hacker software.

2. Now, run Facebook Hacker.exe file to see:

Login to your Facebook account and then hit on OK at right bottom.

3. Now, Facebook Hacker options are displayed as shown:

4. In Victim pane at left bottom, enter the facebook ID of the victim you wanna hack in User ID field.

5. Now, using this Facebook Hacker software you can:
Flood wall of victim.
Spam his message box.
Comment on him like crazy.
Poke him and even add mass likes.

Thus, you can play such pranks with your friends using this Facebook Hacker. So, free download Facebook Hacker and trick out your friends.

That’s all. Hope you will enjoy using this tool. I have tried this Facebook hacker software and found working perfect for me.

I am having this “hacking/security” blog for more then a year now. Beside cyber security, ethical hacking and technology, I am also interested in some social/natural science fields, like philosophy, and psychology. In this article I would share some manipulation techniques that i know about from my previous knowledge, and experience. Now these techniques can be used in many different ways and I will leave it up to the individual to decide what those ways are. Please realize this isn’t mind control and it will not make you able to convince people to do extreme things but maybe change a simple idea in someones mind and make them favor your ideas more. This methods can come in handy for many hackers. Lets start:

Sympathy/Empathy – Believe it or not making someone feel sorry for you can wield great results. You can convince people to do many things with just a simple guilt trip. Examples include a family members death, recent job loss, an scarring event such as being robbed at gunpoint, losing money, or even a simple bad day. Using this can make somebody not only do what you want but they won’t feel regret over doing it.

Split Personalities – No this does not mean be nice one second and mean the next. This tactic is great for pressuring someone into something from two fronts. The basic idea of this is to act as two people. This cannot be done in person and is best done online. An example of this methods usefulness is to maybe convince someone to sell something at a cheaper price by having one side of you as friend saying great deal while the other says that they can barely do this and they’re unsure if they should. The trick here is to play opposites in a way that pushes the person you want to trick into doing something they wouldn’t otherwise do.

If you don’t then someone else will – Nothing puts more pressure on someone then giving them the idea of loss if they do not take advantage of the situation. This can be great for selling items. The general idea behind this is to make the person feel as if they will lose a once in a lifetime opportunity if they give up on this offer. You can even use the Split Personalities in mixture with this.

Being Over Understanding – Nothing softens the heart than making a person feel that they’re doing a good job. If a situation comes where you have been wrong pretending to be completely understanding can go a long ways. This can general make the person feel more entitled to give you a better experience.

That is all I can come with at the current moment. Please throw suggestion and feedback. This is technically Social Engineering, an art of getting people to tell you stuff that they usually wouldn’t disclose, through the use of words and your appearance. I personally hate these type of people. A good Social engineerer (or as I love to call these types of people, “Bullshit artists”), can make people believe nearly anything. It is always a good idea to be aware of people who you don’t know, but it is also good practice to watch people you DO know. Don’t be getting paranoid about things, because that isn’t what i mean, but Social Engineering is the EASIEST way to hack anything. Hope this helps people gain the upper hand in a poorly setup situation.

I’ve been writing a lot about Facebook Hacking on this blog. I began to think to myself that I should write another tutorial considering that even if you do eventually acquire the password and e-mail, you will still be stuck with the problem that I spoke about on my other post regarding the situation of “Logging in from another Location

I won’t waste your time and I will go straight to the point. I won’t go into deep details since I already did on my old post. I will merely display some other problems when acquiring or taking over a Facebook account.

Why not Phish on Facebook?

Well, as stated on my old post… A problem appears showing that you are logging in from a different location, so even if you have a password and the e-mail. You will still have the problem and you won’t be able to log in. This problem happens when you attempt to change their passwords manually by having the URL sent to their e-mails.

Once again, you would need to spoof their IPs to bypass that.

Why not Keylog?

Well, again… Keylogs only record keystrokes executed on the person’s keyboards. You will have access to text and nothing else. By text, I am referring to whatever you seek such as e-mail and password. The same problem will happen here about logging in from another location.

Once again, you would need to spoof their IPs to bypass that.

Why not Social Engineer?

Well, you might be able to eventually get access to their e-mail and password info, but the problem of Logging in from another location will still be there, so you’ll still be screwed.

So, what you may wonder, what should I do then?

Personally, I would highly suggest to ONLY RAT the person if you are attacking them from a different location. However, if you know the person personally, I would suggest keylogging since there is a possibility that you might be able to have access to the computers they use and the problem of Logging in from another location will go away. I explained more into locations and situations on my old post: here. Read my old post for more details as to when you should keylog or phish.

To wrap it up, I would suggest RATing only if you don’t know your slave to a personal level since you will essentially have complete access to their computers and allowing you to do things on their computers rather than your own.

Keylogging, Phishing, and SE are good methods for acquiring the info, but bypassing Facebook is where the problem comes.

Keylogging, Phishing, and SE are still good methods to attack other websites, but Facebook became smart enough to make it a bit more difficult for “hackers” to take over accounts.

Ok, here’s a new quick tutorial for everyone who has been having to deal with Facebook blocking your entrance into someone’s account due to logging in from a different location.

Ever since I had been problems constantly having to deal with Facebook leaving me out off people’s accounts I began to think that I should write over my experiences to help others.

I will go over specific techniques and ideas to eventually grant you entrance to their accounts without having to deal with that Facebook problem having logging in from different location.

1. Before you even begin reading this, you must already have their passwords or e-mails. If not, I will tell you a few ideas of how to acquire them.

If you only want to log in without changing passwords, I would suggest that you steal their passwords through PhishingKeylogging, or Social Engineering.

2. Bypassing Facebook security can be done through black hat methods, however I will not go over those methods, instead I will be touching the social engineering methods which are more effective and you can get faster results.

3. You will need to use your brain to think and have patience. If you don’t have either a brain to think or the patience to wait, please don’t continue reading this tutorial because you will not get any success.

Ok, let’s move on to the actual information.

-This method is a cheap shot method, but you never know if it might work or not.

1. If a person uses a particular computer to log in to their accounts on a regular basis, THAT computer alone should be your focus.

You should infect that computer with a keylogger and have it linked together with a FTP to send you the logs or linked to send you e-mails.

2. Another method is to use your OWN computer to acquire the password by infecting yourself with a keylogger and let the slave use your computer. Gain their trust to the point of where they can log in to different websites.

You can say for instance “My account is not working, I think Facebook banned me. Can you test your account to see if yours is working?”

And of course, they will log in and you will gain the information. After they successfully log in, you can login to your account and say “Oh, there we go! It worked”

Now, you will attempt to log in in the future and the problem of Logging in from another location will disappear.

3. Let’s say that they aren’t stupid enough to use your computer to log in, you might think, what then? Well, here’s my next suggestion to you.

Considering that you will already have the password through the methods I mentioned earlier, but you will have the problem of Logging in from another location.

Here’s what you do:

Watch and study your slave, if you know he/she uses a location to use a computer, you should attempt to log in at that same location as well. It could be school, library, another friend’s house, etc…

Most people will use any computer to log in to Social Networks or E-mails to check on updates. Considering that the IP you log in at that particular is the same within their network, the problem of Logging in from another location will not come up.

4. So, you don’t have the choice of either offering your computer as a trap or the chance to “stalk” your slave. You wonder, what do I do then?

Well, this is where it gets more tricky considering that Facebook finally came up with an ingenious method to avoid intruders of taking over accounts easily.

Here’s what Facebook did, in case if you don’t already know. Facebook implemented a feature where you must visually recognize the friends on that account. They will show you pictures of random people within that account and ask you to select the name of that person.

If you don’t recognize any of those people, you’re screwed.

When will this happen? That will only happen when you attempt to change their passwords, so Facebook makes sure that you do in fact own that account. I personally wouldn’t attempt to change the passwords, but if you do try, here’s what I would recommend to you.

-If you know the person in person, notice who he/she is friends with to try to recognize the faces and physically ask the other persons their names.

If you do not know the person, you can use websites like:

To search their names, e-mails, phone numbers to see whether if you can find them on other Social networks. You can search the person’s name manually by going to Myspace, Facebook, etc…To see who they have added as friends.

Your next step will be to add a friend of the slave or the slave directly. Adding the slave directly would probably be the best plan because you would have access directly to all the victims’ friends and their pictures.

Now, all you have to do is match the pictures that Facebook asks you when you attempt to change their passwords by going to the victims friends and match them.

If you don’t want to change their passwords, you can mask the slave’s IP using other methods in which I will not go over. To find out their IP, you will need a RAT to manually whois them or any other method other there to find their IP.

A quick method I will suggest to you is to send the slave an e-mail if they have a hotmail account. When they reply you can right click on the e-mail and view source. You will see an IP from sender and use that to mask.

Mask their IP and facebook will not give you the problem of Logging in from another location.

If you follow the suggestions I have given you, you will surely gain entrance to their accounts and Facebook won’t be able to do crap.

Their security is strong, but good ol’ Social engineering never fails.

Do you have questions, comments, or suggestions? Feel free to post a comment!